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Food Waste Recycling Telford

When compared to the cost of transporting organic waste to a landfill, our food waste recycling solutions are cost-effective. We offer waste audits to assist you in calculating your food waste output. These measurements assist you in managing and reducing your food waste, resulting in cost savings from food waste. If you’ve been dealing with food waste for any length of time, you’ll know how time consuming and critical it can be. Because waste disposal is unavoidable, it’s worth looking into external organisations that specialise in assisting companies in removing surplus food waste. If you’re in Telford and surrounding areas and would like to have assistance recycling your food waste, call us on 01952 350 160.

Whether you prefer a company that only deals with food waste or one that can deal with other types of waste, Telford has the solutions you need. Telford Waste offers obligation free quotes and other waste solutions that can improve the smooth operation of your restaurant.

What is Food Waste Recycling?

Food waste recycling is about making something out of food that would have laid waste in landfills or other open fields. Many businesses and organisations have benefited from Telford Waste’s assistance in implementing food waste recycling programs. To transport food waste to recycling facilities, it must be separated and collected in a way that minimizes emissions and guarantees that pollutants such as plastic or other non-food waste components are separated from the food waste.

It’s critical that you understand the basic principles of recycling so that you can see how recycling your food helps the environment. At Telford Waste, we offer free bins, free bin delivery, as well as the option to schedule your waste collection, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. To meet your needs, we also provide waste collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Is Food Waste Recycled?

Recycling food waste reduces the volume of food waste that goes to landfills. Food waste can also be recycled to provide long-term and environmentally friendly resources. This method also helps increase the yield of food crops by providing more bio-fertilizer. Food recycling can be accomplished in the following way: 

Your food waste is collected and transported from your location to one of our recycling facilities. In recycling centers, anaerobic digestion is employed to break down the materials. Bacteria break down food waste in an airtight, enclosed environment during anaerobic digestion. Methanol is formed as a result of this breakdown, which is used as a fuel and energy source known as biogas. When the meal has decomposed, we can use the leftovers as bio-fertilizer to fertilize our crops.

Food Waste can also be recycled using in-vessel composting. Making biofertilizers from food waste involves converting it into compost. Food waste is broken down into different substances through in-vessel composting, much like anaerobic digestion. Gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are also captured in enclosed rooms to prevent escape into the atmosphere.

Your business will not only benefit the environment but also save money if you learn to limit food waste. Proper food waste management techniques should be used to avoid unwanted results. Recycling food waste is the most effective approach to achieve this. Recycling is a dynamic process that extends the useful life of materials. Three arrows pursuing each other signify recyclables. This sign can be found in the containers or bins that store food waste. We can limit the quantity of food waste in our landfills and companies by recycling it and preventing it from going to waste.

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