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Paper Mill Telford

Remaining efficient and cost effective is the modern day challenge for the modern day paper mill.

The modern paper mill is concerned with keeping product quality and optimising production. As a traditional, comparatively niche business, standing counts for everything. Market standing is determined by how rapidly and cost effectively factories can devote to creation.
Ultimately, competitive edge means coming in at the right cost; delivering at the ideal time and place means repeat orders.

Achieving efficient throughput and quality output signals as cost effectively as possible relies on:

High quality materials (to ensure good feedstock)
Advanced product ranges (that meet customer needs)
Smooth supply chain operations (including logistics)
Minimal waste (i.e use all of substance bought)

Reaching more, using less

Adopting the power of less can help improve operation. At Waste Management Telford we stand by this mantra in everything we do. And with over 25 years in the business, it’s an ethos that is stood the test of time.

Our breadth of business expertise ensures an unrivaled collection network. We can source, grade and supply the entire range of paper standards to a broad spectrum of end user paper mills, within the corrugated, tissue, newsprint and speciality paper sectors.

Paper Mill Telford

Long created partnerships underpin our success as an essential main provider to paper mills outside our own group. Maintaining the highest standards of fibre quality and continuity of supply has ensured our enviable position as the United Kingdom ‘s business leader in recovered fibre.
Work with Waste Management Telford and rely on:
Quality control
Handling fibre within our own group gives us a greater handle on the end product. We have our own logistics network too.
An active business voice
Our dedication to lobbying and PR has helped enhance sector performance in the stuff sold to factories.
Unrivaled expertise

Trust in the very best stuff for end product use and specialist advise on sourcing the optimum grades for your desired outcomes. We also have extensive expertise in exporting to factories overseas and hold all the applicable permits.

We can provide position tonnage to satisfy ad hoc, fast turn around requests.

Sustainability assured
Our capabilites across the whole Supply Cycle means we’ve influence on the substance we receive into our storehouses and target high quality streams.

Market linked pricing
All this supported by a pledge to keep market linked pricing is why we are the biggest fibre recycler in the UK.

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