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Recycling Telford

We are experts in the field of waste management and can provide your business in Telford with comprehensive recycling services. From paper and wood to glass and food waste, we can help you redirect waste away from landfill, saving you money. Call us today for a free quote.

Waste Management Telford aspires to lessen the quantity of spend digital gear that’s delivered to dump, recycle prices and enhancing recuperation.

We transport gather and shop your repetitive electric gear. The information is likely to be totally taken off that gear utilizing a reliable and authorized damage program. When a number of inspections have now been performed to make sure that most remnants have now been eliminated, the components is likely to be delivered regarding Refurbishment.

Most gear reused and is refined in the United Kingdom. We are able to assist your company assistance your Company and Social Obligation and adhere to this directive assisting you create your ecological fingertips technique.

Recycling Telford

The WEEE removal and recycling providers guarantee:
*Secure support for several our clients
*A one stop answer for recycle, protection and that elimination of your repetitive computer gear
*National selection services run by protection-vetted employees
*Solutions readily available for companies of dimensions
*Audit trails that are transparent

WEEE Telford
Typical items we accept:
Mobile phones
White goods
Electronics i.e. radios, TVs

Background info
These are precious in the recycling procedure and can be reused in new products.

We are fully licensed to collect and disposal of WEEE and we have significant expertise of managing this form of waste.

We offer clients assurance the materials are recycled in total compliance with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. For IT all items are erased and destroyed in total compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Waste Management Telford WEEE Recycling Alternatives
We can provide a regular collection service in which we provide secure containers that would be collected occasionally or an on demand service in which we’ll collect WEEE items on request of the website contact/caretaker (with response times agreed and documented in the Service Level Agreement).

How it’s recycled
We carry WEEE to fully audited service associates (authorised treatment facilities or ATFs) where reuse or recycling takes place.

A full audit trail is available in the shape of evidence notes issued by our associates that are given to the source customer.

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