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Sanitary Waste Recycling Telford

Sanitary waste has the potential to be dangerous due to the presence of bloodborne pathogens. If disposed of carelessly, it will have a detrimental influence on the environment and may result in severe fines for your company. Millions of women produce sanitary waste every day, which must be disposed of securely, responsibly, and with minimal environmental impact. For your business’s sanitary waste needs, contact us on 01952 350 160.

All sanitary waste must be transported by a licensed carrier, such as Telford Waste. After collection, a complete audit trail of paperwork will be provided and you can retain it for two years. We’ll work with your company to manage sanitary waste responsibly and without harming the environment.

What is Sanitary Waste?

Sanitary waste is a broad term usually used to refer either solid or liquid waste produced exclusively by human activity and feminine hygiene products used to absorb menstrual flow. An alternative name for this type of waste is offensive/hygiene waste. The word derives from its unappealing appearance and foul smell. 

All businesses must offer proper bins for disposing of sanitary products in each female washroom, according to the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. This is in addition to the Water Industries Act of 1991, which says that no objects that could produce a build-up or obstruction in a sewage or drain system shall be flushed. If suitable sanitary dumpsters are not available, this may be the only option. Businesses also have a legal “duty of care” to properly and safely handle waste on their premises, up to the point of final disposal, under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990. 

Sanitary Waste Disposal Telford

In the United Kingdom, there are a number of laws and regulations governing the disposal of offensive/hygiene waste, which could result in significant fines if offensive waste is not treated safely and effectively. The right segregation and storage of clinical waste is an important aspect of clinical waste legislation. This ensures that it is safely managed and disposed of, minimising the risk to persons and the environment.

Sanitary waste is expected to be separated from regular waste in designated containers. Used hygiene and surgical supplies frequently contain traces of body fluids and infectious germs that, if not adequately managed, can pose major health and environmental dangers. Insanitary waste receptacles can harbour diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, thus waste management companies must handle them with caution and vigilance. If rain falls on untreated medical and sanitary waste in uncertified disposal sites, there is a considerable risk of groundwater contamination.

Why Choose Telford Waste?

Telford Waste company is the best waste management service provider in Telford with a low cost, professional, and reliable approach. Our waste collection services in Telford can handle a wide variety of waste types, including sanitary waste so for more information, speak with our friendly representatives now. We maintain a high degree of routine service across the UK while also responding quickly to out-of-the-ordinary situations due to our flexibility.

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