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Our waste collection services are here to help businesses and organisations across Telford dispose of all the waste materials they produce. From general waste to sharps and food waste, we can offer a comprehensive waste management service. Call today for a free quote!

Waste Pods

With increasingly stringent regulations governing the disposal of such things as waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE), plasterboard and hazardous waste, organisations — notably those in the care sector — that create waste frequently, are viewing ‘waste pods’ as a means of keeping and disposing of their waste in Telford.

These waste pods fit more or less everywhere. They take up no more space than a car; can often be put out of sight behind a hedge and, although they are the same size, they are more affordable than a dumpster.

And, rather than simply throw all the waste into a dumpster — and there are raising regulations about what can and can not be placed in a dumpster – waste can be segregated within these pods.
Significantly, these containers are particularly helpful for customers wanting to get rid of such things as WEEE, plasterboard and hazardous waste — which could be difficult to dispose of safely and legitimately via other means.

Waste collection Telford

When you use Waste Management Telford to provide your waste pod, a local waste management team of Environment Agency-licensed staff will visit the pod frequently to sort, clear and then dispose of all the items in the container.

It’s cleaner as far as the environment is concerned; neater for you – and easier for Waste Management Telford to sort, segregate and dispose of the waste.

There, the waste is separated by hand or machinery to be recycled on the spot, or sent to the local waste transfer station – which ends in a 99.54% recycling rate.

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